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He was born in shiga-chou,ishikawa prefecture in 1972.after graduating from designing-arts (design class) at Hakui-industrial high school, he became a T.V. camera man to later change careers to become a stage performer for a production company (event co.)
He currently performs for Disney World, The Bolijoy circus, The Taiwan circus, and many other internationally acknowledged names. He joined the World of Top Entertainer tour as the first Japanese performer. Dio(Kobayashi) is the only Japanese performer in a world class circus.

The Top:His brother(Right-Dio.Left-Yang brother.Name is Charly)
The bottom:When he was High school student(the upper right)

He performed Hakugin in Kanazawa, similar to his long running show in Las Vegas. Because of his strive to develop his apprentices, many amateurs had taken part in the Kanazawa performance of Hakugin. On the day of the show, he experienced many complications from one after the other. Walking on a rope holding a torch in both hands, swallowing fire to extinguish it, a four ring act, and performing a giving creature act based on an American original. He had to lose 6 kilograms for ten minutes of rope walking and 10 kilograms for a flying trapeze act. Eight dedicated years have passed since his first debut as a performer.

Dio now suffers from a chronic hernia due to his dedication towards physical and mental pain staking training.

His graceful movements have punished his body with a disease that threatens his career. He continues to walk on the ropes saying, I want all of Japan to experience my stage performances. It may be his love and devotion to be the best Japanese performer in the world.

It is common for children to watch a circus and be in awe from it but, Dio met his passion at a late age, in his twenties. After graduating from school, he became a T.V. camera man but, because he didn't like the idea of master and apprentice he quit his job and decided to work for a production company (event co.) That his friend established a year later. At first, he created stages with his designing talent. Soon after, he started creating his own events. His first stage invention was of a western style show because he realized that shows from Las Vegas were most popular. It was then, he met with an American whip master, We occasionally went out to drink and talk. One night he got really drunk and crashed at my place.From that night forth, they had become roommates.

While living together, the whip master said,woman assistants usually hold my targets, but I want you Dio, to do it.This is how Dio presented himself on stage, as the target holder. The whip master taught and explained many of his skills to Dio.

Eventually, the Japanese performer stood on stage as the opening performer. Into six months of living together, a tragic accident had occurred. The American whip master had injured his knee forcing him to return to the United States leaving two months of scheduled shows. Dio world have suffered much loss if they world have canceled the scheduled events. He was hesitant but decided to take matters into his own hands saying,I'll perform by myself. From the skills of the whip master and the training of opening performances, he was already accustomed to the stage. He figured that it would be better for him to continue as planned rather than pay the compensations he would face for canceling the events but, as soon as he stood on stage, he realized that he was wrong.I only knew four techniques which were each only 2 minutes long and the show was scheduled for 30 minutes. It was impossible for me to do.A crowd of 200 spectators were disappointed as they slowly started to disappear one after the other. I couldn't run away once the show had started. It was the most humiliating experience as I watched the crowd diminish. My mind went blank as I faced the harshness and difficulties of a performance. This unforgettable event had set his determination, his ambition to please the audience. He was only twenty years old.

From that day on, his training without a trainer had started. Using his skills he learned from being a camera man, Dio took his video camera to all the shows and events to study and learn. He practiced on building roofs and street corners. His whip art increased as he studied to gain other performing skills. He quit his day time job to make a career out of being a performer. It was then that he was offered a chance to show his talents. A new car presentation was held and he was asked to perform a flying trapeze act above the new automobiles so they could film it to be used in their advertisements. Problems had occurred before the job had even started. The sponsor did not offer any safety nets. If the performer was to make a mistake, he would fall on the rear view mirrors of the cars. The ropes were set 6 meters high off the ground. Not even the veteran performers were willing to take that offer because they knew the rope. Kobayashi was the only man to raise his hand and take the job. He refuses to say that it was a gamble with his life.I was confident because I trained with or without safety nets. I had to do it.Everything went without a hitch and because of his triumph, he was named Dio the one who accomplished the flying trapeze mission for his life.

Numerous jobs were offered one after the other. They were risky jobs but very rewarding. It was a remarkable income for a young twenty years old man.Back in those days, the money was incredible. It was like winning the lottery. I always had a look of rapture on my face due. To my success. At that time, Dio was able to handle 3 meter two whips in which nobody in Japan was able to do. Now he uses 6 meter two whips that only 5 performers on earth are able to use. It was then that his big headedness of confidence lead to an accident. During a show, he had asked a guest to whip it out of his mouth. he made a slight mistake, hitting and injury the man nose. It was not a serious accident and the guest for gave him but, damage had occurred deep in his heart. Since then, the young whip master gave up his whips. Giving up his fame, he returned to Ishikawa prefecture to attend Kinjou college for a teachers license. He says,to tell you the truth, I wanted to escape the life of an entertainer.That year he almost threw it all away before hearing that a scout from abroad had noticed Dio talents. Dio was asked to represent for the international top entertainers tour. Holding his head up high, he grabbed his whips and performed still with a broken heart.

There are many scars in his hand that mean the hard of practice.

He was recommended for the representative of Japan

He kept himself away from performances but he could not forget about them. He then renamed himself from Dio to JOKER. While going to college, he visited numerous kindergartens in the Ishikawa area.I thought I'd be able to make children laugh by being a clown and not by show stage performances. That's when I realized that I really love to perform. Throughout the 2 years hr was in college, he traveled all around the prefecture doing charity acts for children. He made his own lunch everyday. Out on the streets, he made balloon art for children's hearts. People around him started to notice him and be in awe at what he did, but he thought,I was just running away from my painful memorize.

adults tend to smile and clap no matter how bad the show is, but children are compelled to tell the truth. What really inspired me was that once a child started to laugh, the children around him also laughed. True laughter filled my heart and gave me the drive to practice harder. The laughter and the smiles had given him encouragement. At that time, many of the children were inspired by Joker's performances and many started to gather to learn the art.

Even his younger brother by 8 years of age, Katsuyoshi(Charly), was inspired by big brothers performances. He later became an important member in the Kanazawa show of Hakugin. Unconsciously, he prepared for his performance spirit. Kobayashi returned to America right after his graduation. He had no language problems in show business while touring in Japan. If he healed his injured heart, he would be the best performer in all of Japan. That is when he decided to challenge the world. After a year of studying English, He joined the San Francisco school of circus arts. He raised his ability with the excellent trainer there.

Many American were impressed with his somersault acrobat while holding 2 torches blinded on a rope. Now he plays a part of a bandit on a horse in the Disney series, MULAN. He takes participates in the Bolijoy Circus, the Taiwan circus, CIRQUE DU SOLEIL in Canada as a free entertainer. Recently, he advises T.V. programs for his own shows. I was most impressed by the powerful performances of the American performers. Magicians, Dancers, Singers, and acrobatic performers all come together. I want to become a creative entertainer. I do not want to die being just an actor. For me to popularize the creativity of an entertainer in Japan, it would take awhile. The Hakugin show that took place in June of 2001 was a proud accomplishment for Dio to show the people of Japan and to lift his spirits towards the aim for the world.Next time I stage a big event like Hakugin, I hope to perform it with the same group that I inspired. By that time they would be professionals and we would be able to perform the event.The flares in his eyes seemed to roar as he talked about the true entertainers of the world.

His second stage of the life

His work place was always overflowing with the happy smiles of families who looked onto the show from their seats. Those smiling faces lured the child in his heart. His mind uneasy, haunted by thoughts of his insecure future, he gained the impulsive strong will to seek a place to settle. He was invited to a Screening & Wrap party to a movie he participated in. A young woman, who was in the same trowing of heart as he, was in attendance. The two companions that withered of the same cause had no reason to refuse each other. Although their impulsive feelings strengthened for each other, they did not marry, though it had been considered.
As though it were destined, the swelling of a child happened as quickly as a dream. However, this lucky news was also a large ordeal to determine. His work was always connected with danger, and it turned out that there was scarcely time for his family while traveling internationally. She shared the same problem. For both of them, work was put on hold and compensation was used to start a new life. They looked for a place to peacefully stay with their baby; however there was nowhere to be found. There was a cost for happiness.

It became a large calamity for which an impending decision awaited. They no longer shared mutual goals and the feeling of uneasiness grew. It began to bleed into their love for one another. Charm faded, even from their memories, bearing the result that the glow in their hearts for each other was lost. Gradually it had changed that all their affections went only into the child. For his child's happiness he tried to correct the poor state of the relationship. However his effort produced only empty results and divorce became inevitable.
A new livelihood came to pass after the divorce; however this new life for him and his daughter still posed many problems. The life of being a 'single father' to a 3 year old greatly restricted his life. Though he could not perform, he lives in his daughter as she learns the way of the circus player. There came a time when he reclaimed the title of circus player though it was not physically easy being a man over 30 years old. It was through participation in the anime "Kaleido Star" which he could live out his active days as the performer. He played the part of 'Circus Advisor" in this animation. Much of his experience was utilized through this role. He has undertaken the task of training his daughter, who has the mutual hope to be like her father.The plot of the protagonist is of a circus player who strives to reach the precipice; Becoming the lead player of foreign circus. Subliminally, it is a motivating, positive and hopeful story to his daughter.

He has written it out in the diary of his private home page. Here is an excerpt of that specific entry:
" Though I spend everyday with my child it seems time is flying so swiftly. Every day it seems she has grown older. There are times when I even forfeit the housework and sleep peacefully beside her. My days are always very busy but her pure smile drives me. everyday it brings me happiness. I feel I can do anything, knowing that she needs me. It is a paternal instinct. It is strong and it is strongly felt. My work is very dangers, and now, with a young daughter to raise, I can feel the [pressure more than before. I must not fail. She looks up to me and I must do my best for her. It is such a new and fresh feeling for me. She hopes to be like her father and it makes me feel so proud. I want to support her dream in every way I can. I want to pass the torch to her; I want her to reach our finish line. For 3 years I have had so much loss and pain, but in her I have gained something irreplaceable and I am grateful."

Returning to the main point, he was supported by his daughter. She gave him an astronomical will to advance. However it is not an unusual occurrence for a young child to train in the circus and there are many others who also have a natural skill. Training is their playground. She will grow into a woman, raised in an environment governed by the most caring father who challenged her abilities as the circus player. At 3 years old she had already acquired the ability of contortionist, the whip, acrobat and several others. Even appearing on stage on occasion. Their dream doesn't seem that distant when when their likes are seen together, excelling in their hopes.

to be continued....


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